Cloning with a regular cube


You introduce two cubes, and give one of them to your audience to mix. Then you take the other cube (a regular one, without Bluetooth!!!), and "solve" it blindfolded so that the cube will match the other cube (the one they have mixed).


For this routine you have to connect only one Bluetooth cube before you start performing. You will also need another cube that can be a regular one without Bluetooth. The regular cube should be either in a solved state, or should match the pattern of the Bluetooth cube. Select "Cloning with a regular cube" from the routine list, then tap on "Start" at the bottom.

First you have to hand out the Bluetooth cube to mix. You can either give it to them like it doesn't matter which one they mix, or maybe use some kind of magicians choice ("Please select a cube for me..."). There is one important thing to remember: as you hand the cube over, you have to make one turn forward (if the regular cube is in a solved state) or one turn backwards (if the regular cube matches the pattern of the Bluetooth cube). Then they can continue mixing the cube as they like.

When they stop mixing, the usual countdown will start. When it's over, it will start again (using the same amount of time) so you can prepare to "solve" the regular cube. You have to hold the regular cube with the WHITE side up, GREEN side front. As soon as the second countdown reaches zero, the cloning will start. You have to follow the cloning steps, they will automatically advance with the speed you specify in OTHER SETTINGS. There is a new option called "Automatic step speed" where you can set the speed in milliseconds (1 second = 1000ms). If you are quick, you can use a value around 1000, if you're slower then use 2-3000ms.

ATTENTION: there will be no correction steps, so make sure you don't make a mistake, or the cloning will fail!!!

If the other (Bluetooth) cube gets further mixed while you're solving (cloning) your cube, the app will add those extra steps at the end of the solving steps... so you will end up with a perfectly cloned cube every time.

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