Color sense-ation


The spectator shuffles the cube, and keeps the cube in their hands. You try to sense the colors from a distance, without ever looking at the shuffled cube.... "Is there a GREEN in the center somewhere?" - you ask, and the spectator looks for the green side of the cube... you then name every color on that side.

IMPORTANT: You can use the Mi Band color die with this routine - for instructions scroll down this page!

Method #1

Select "Color sense-ation" as the routine, and set the option "Wait after mixing" to either 3sec (when practicing) or to 10-15sec (when performing). Select any of the "Onscreen display" options (audio guide for this routine will be available soon). Then start the routine... Wait till the blue progressbar completes and "Ready to go" or "GO" appears after displaying the name of the routine.

At the beginning of the routine you can ask the spectator what is their favourite color of the six colors on the cube. As you give the cube to them to mix, you secretly turn the side that has the chosen color in the center. So if they choose GREEN, you turn the GREEN side as you ask them to mix the cube (of course you can make more turns before handing them the cube). You will turn around or use a blindfold for the rest of the routine.

When they are ready mixing the cube, ask them to look for their favorite color in any of the center pieces, and hold that side facing them. Now you are sensing all colors from that side, naming them one by one successfully.

Method #2

You don't have to ask for their favourite color at all.... you can select a color yourself (eg. YELLOW), and turn that side when you are handing them the cube. Then ask them to mix the cube while you turn around. When they are ready mixing, you will try to sense the colors from one side...

"Is there a YELLOW somewhere in the center?" - you ask them, and of course they will find the yellow center. Now you announce all colors from that side one by one... You can repeat the routine using a different color each time. But you can also repeat the routine using the last method:

Method #3

When the spectator is ready mixing the cube (and the countdown has ended), the app will display the side that they turned first when mixing... but you don't start sensing the colors just yet! You can switch to another side just by asking the spectator to turn ANY side (maybe their favourite color) once more. When they turn any side, the app will display colors from that side. They can repeat turning any side as many times as they want, the app will always display the side that has been turned last.

Of course you can combine all three methods in a longer routine (I suggest repeating only once with a different method).

Using the Mi Band color die

If you have already connected and calibrated the Mi Band color die, you can use it to define the side you will sense the colors from. Click here to get instructions on how to make and calibrate the Mi Band color die.

When the spectator is ready mixing the cube, you can ask them (or another spectator) to throw the color die. Whatever color ends up on top, you will sense all the colors from that side. So if they throw YELLOW, they should find the side with YELLOW in the center, and they can verify if you name the right colors from that side. Important: you turn your back for the whole time, so you don't know which color they select with the die.



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