Frequently Asked Questions

I am only giving readers my own personal experience with the following products on this page. As I do not manufacture them, I have no control of their quality or reliability and therefore you buy them at your own risk.

Where should I buy the necessary bluetooth cubes? Which model do you recommend?
Most of the users have Giiker i3S cubes (the same that came with Rubiked), but the cheaper Giiker i3 also works (just needs complete re-stickering because of it's strange colors). CubeSmith also supports the new Xiaomi magic cube, which is the cheapest of all, and doesn't have charging holes. So my preference is: first the Xiaomi Mi Smart Magic Cube, then the Giiker i3S. Purchase links are below:

Xiaomi Mi Smart Magic Cube (~$18): click here

Giiker i3S (2019) (~$45): click here
Does the app work with any earpiece? Which bluetooth earpiece do you recommend?
CubeSmith sends the audio to your earpiece/headphone through the media (music) channel. All wired headphones are supported. As for bluetooth, only devices with A2DP capability are supported (if you play music and you hear it, then it will also work with CubeSmith). Here are some equipment you should consider buying:

Mini bluetooth earpiece (~$12): click here
This is a standalone but visible earpiece, the cheapest of all. You can steal it in/out while you turn your back to the spectator (to solve the cube behind your back), or you can hide it in a blindfold.

Wired induction neckloop + micro earpiece (~$20): click here
This is a 2-part set: the neckloop is connected to your phone with a 3.5mm plug, and generates an electromagnetic field received by the invisible earpiece. Volume is decent, earpiece battery lasts for about 2 hours.

AGGER bluetooth module + nano earpiece (~$90): click here
This is the most advanced and most expensive of all (also a 2-part set). The wireless bluetooth module has to be close (10-15cm) to your ear, where you put the 4mm nano earpiece. Volume depends of the distance and affected by turning your head. You can also use this bluetooth module with the micro earpiece from the above set (actually this is my favourite setup).

Chinese hidden spy earpiece (~$16): click here
This is an earpiece only, which you can use with any neckloop or wireless inductive BT module. I recommend using this earpiece with the Agger box module Lite (see next item).

AGGER box module Lite (~$45): click here
This is only an inductive BT module (with A2DP feature). You can use any inductive spy earpiece with this module, I recommend using this with the Chinese earpiece (see above).
How do I get rid off the "G" sticker on the yellow/orange center of my Giiker cube?
The "G" sticker is just an extra sticker with transparent background. Just find it's edges and gently peel it off the sticker.

How can I cover the charging holes on the green/blue center pieces?
You should re-sticker the cube (I recommend stickering all 6 sides). You can use any 3x3x3 sticker set, even with different color shades. Here are some sticker sets that I recommend:

Florian sticker set: click here

GAN sticker set: click here
How can I charge the cube once the holes are covered with new stickers?
Simply take off the covers from green/blue center pieces with your fingernail (or using a flat screwdriver), then attach the charger to the uncovered sides. Push the covers back when finished charging.

The virtual cube in the app doesn't show the state of the actual cube. What can I do?
When fully discharged (or sometimes even randomly) the cubes reset themselves, which means they will consider their actual state (pattern) as the solved state. In this case you have to manually solve them, and then perform a "solved reset" within the app (open the Details sheet of the cube, and scroll down to find the RESET button), or use the "coloring reset" in the stock Supercube app. If this happens more than once when they are charged, then the cube might have a faulty component. It seems that about 3% of the cubes have this issue once or more. My advice: always store your cube(s) in a fully solved state, so if they ever get randomly reset, there will be no trouble at all.
The cube makes a loud clicking noise when turned. Can I get rid of this sound?
The sound is made by the loose magnets inside the pieces. You can take the edge pieces apart and superglue the magnets in, and the cube will sound like a normal cube. (You can leave corner pieces as they are.) Here is a short video tutorial on the process:

I've enabled the Audio Guide but I hear nothing (volume is turned up). How can I fix it?
This happens on Android phones, where the default text-to-speech engine is not set to Google. Go to your phone's "Settings", and search for "Accessibility" -> "Text-to-speech". Set the engine to Google, and also install the desired language and voice pack. Go back to CubeSmith, then disable and re-enable Audio Guide, and you should hear the "Welcome" speech.
Audio Guide is working, but the pronunciation is strange, like the speaker is from another country. How can I fix this?
First of all check your in-app settings: go to the section "Audio Guide" and make sure you've selected the correct language. If the problem still persists, go to your phone's "Settings", and search for "Accessibility" -> "Text-to-speech". Most likely it is set to a different language, so make sure you install and select the desired language and voice pack. Go back to CubeSmith, then disable and re-enable Audio Guide, and you should hear the "Welcome" speech in the desired language.

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