How to shoot the perfect prediction photo

Get a custom prediction photo

I'm offering to generate a custom prediction photo for you for an extra cost of 25 USD. You could also get a photo that shows 2 cubes (it could display 6 sides of the same cube or even 3+3 sides of two mixed cubes), the price for this would be 40 USD. Please send your custom photo in email to [email protected] (you can also send them via Messenger for verification).

Editing a photo takes me about 1 hour. Take a look at the process to understand the work behind each photo:

Unlimited custom photos with MamiCube

MamiCube is an awesome cube prediction app from a couple of ingenious French developers. You can use it to generate unlimited custom prediction photos - even in realtime, using an amazing A.I.!!! After generating the photo in MamiCube, you can upload it to the cloud, and select it as the prediction photo in CubeSmith. For this you have to enter your MamiCube API key in CubeSmith under your username and PIN. You can find your API key (as "External access code") here: https://cube.mamimagics.com

Users of CubeSmith still have the discounted price, please contact Mickael Laurent for more info: https://m.me/esh4rk

However, there is a difference between prediction photos edited by me, opposed to generated with MamiCube: while MamiCube uses an A.I. to recognise and edit the source image, my process of editing results in a more perfect prediction photo. On the other hand, MamiCube offers unlimited photos with a single purchase. My recommendation: get a custom photo from me, then buy MamiCube at the discounted price and generate additional photos at any time you want.

Even if you use MamiCube to generate the prediction photo, please read the following guide in order to get the best result.

The perfect pattern

For the best result you should mix your cube in a way that each side has at least one of each color. To make it easier for you, here are the mixing steps that will result in such a pattern. Start with a solved cube, white side up & green side front. The steps are:

B2  U  R2  D-  R2  B2  F2  U  R2  D-  L2  B  F-  D-  L-  D2  U-  F2  L2  D2

The cube should look like this:

Shoot the perfect photo

In order to get the best result, please be aware of the following "rules":

Use a high resolution
The photo should be large enough (3000x1700 px or above) for me to be able to edit it. If the photo has a low resolution, I can't edit all pieces precisely. Set your camera to the highest resolution available!

The cube should be large enough
Put the cube close enough to the camera so it can be easily seen even on a mobile screen. If the cube is too small, you will have to zoom in the image, which will result in poor resolution.

The focus should be on the cube
I can only edit the image if the cube has all the focus. If the cube (or parts of it) is blurry, I simply can't select all pieces, which makes the whole editing process impossible to do.

Three sides of the cube should be clearly visible
For the best result please hold the cube so 3 sides are clearly and almost equally visible. If one or two sides are barely visible, then editing will not be possible.

Parts of the cube should not be covered
If you hold the cube in your hand, make sure your fingers are not covering any parts of the cube. I might be able to edit the image if there is only a tiny part covered though.

The cube should have no reflections on it
Please check that none of the cube pieces are reflecting light and/or objects on their surfaces. For the best result all pieces should show a solid color without lights and shadows.

There should be no reflection of the cube on surrounding objects
Please check that none of the surrounding objects and surfaces have a reflection of the cube. I will only edit the pieces of the cube, so if parts of the cube are reflected somewhere, they would show the original pattern of the cube, which would ruin the magic.

Some bad examples

Here are some bad examples... please click on the thumbnails, and also read the captions for more info:

Good examples

And finally here are a couple of photos that would be perfect for the prediction effect:

Please click here for some more examples.

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