Important notes

How to use the app

First of all turn ON Bluetooth and GPS (location) to be able to scan for and connect to Bluetooth cubes and Mi Band bracelets.

On Android you have to give the app the necessary permissions ("Access location" and "Access storage and photos").

Make sure that the cubes are not connected to any other device or app (like Rubiked or Supercube) before starting CubeSmith.

Before performing

You can connect the cubes long before you start your performance. Once you start a routine, the connection to the cubes and the Mi Band (if you use the extra feature) will stay alive for a long time, and will be renewed upon disconnecting. When a Giiker cube is connected, it can't be detected on another phone, so noone else can see your cube in the list of available Bluetooth devices.

During performance

Leave the app in the foreground, and don't lock your phone!!!

If you use the audio guide and you selected "Fake lockscreen", "Stopwatch" or "Large help screen" as a display, you can put the phone in your pocket, or place the phone face down on the table. The screen will turn off (assuming this option is enabled in the settings), but the app will stay in the foreground.

In case the cube(s) get disconnected, the app will try to re-connect immediately. So you can start the app way before your performance, and put the phone in your pocket (remember not to minimize the app, nor turn off the phone).

Touch the screen for 2-3 seconds with one finger to EXIT (or to restart the routine).

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