Managing the cube

Connecting the cube

In the free LITE version you can connect only one Giiker cube, while the FULL version can handle 2 cubes (yes, there are 2-cube routines as well). First of all turn on Bluetooth and also GPS (location services) on your device.

On the Settings page go to BLUETOOTH DEVICES and tap List devices near "Select cube". A list of nearby cubes will be loaded. Just tap on the cube you want to connect... after a few seconds a green checkmark should appear near the cube's name, which means connection is successfull. The cube will make a long beeping sound when connected (newer models only make a short beep). If there is an error, you will see a red "refresh" icon. In this case you can try to connect again by tapping the button. After a successfull connection the list will close automatically.

On the Homescreen of the app you will see the name of the connecting/connected cubes under a small cube icon. Also you'll see the battery info of the connected cubes there.

Cube info

When the cube is connected, you shall see a green "Details..." button nearby. Tapping the button will open an info page, where you can
- rename the cube
- see it's original name
- check battery percentage
- see total turns made with the cube
- select cube model (i3S or i3)

You will also see an animated cube that reflects the state of the original cube. If you see a different pattern, first try to turn the real cube and the animated cube should be updated correctly.

You can also tap the small cube icons of connected cubes on the Homescreen to quickly jump to the cube details page.


If you are a beginner, you can practice solving the cube using the "Practice" routine (which is also available in the free Lite version). Just tap the "Practice" button under the small animated cube to start the practice. You should hold the cube as you see on the screen, then tap "LET'S BEGIN" and follow the onscreen instructions. You will see the next move on the top of the screen, also the short code of the move with large letters below the cube. If you don't turn the cube for 3 seconds, the animation will show you which side to turn in which direction. If you do the right move, the short code will turn GREEN, then the next step will be displayed. If you make a wrong move, the background will turn RED, and a correction move will be displayed afterwards. Do it slowly step by step, and you will get better and better at it!

If you turn up the media volume, you will also hear the next step announced by the text-to-speech engine of your phone (make sure you set up the language pack in your device's accessibility settings). If you have the FULL version, you can turn the audio guide on/off in the settings. If you follow the instructions, you will solve a random (but nice & symmetric) pattern each time you do the practice routine.

Quick solve

If the cube is shuffled, you can start a so called "Quick solve" routine. Just tap the "SOLVE" button under the small animated cube to start the solving routine. If the cube is in a solved state, this button will be disabled.

Disconnecting the cube

On the info page tap the red "Disconnect" button. The cube will make 3 short beeping sounds when disconnected (newer models only make a short beep).

Resetting the cube

If the pattern still won't match after a few turns made, you can try to reset the cube. First you have to manually solve the cube (without the help of the app). Then tap the button "RESET TO SOLVED" (scroll down the info page to get the button in view). The app will ask you if the cube is already solved, then it will reset the cube. The cube will make a long beeping sound when the reset is successfull. After resetting try to turn the cube, and the animated cube should now reflect the actual state of the cube.

Charging the cube

The cube should work for 2-3 weeks with a single charge (newer models last longer because they automatically go to sleep), depending on how much you use it. When the battery percentage is low (25% or less) you should charge the cube. Just connect the "headphone" charger to the center of green and blue sides, plug a standard Micro USB cable in the charger, and plug the other end of the cable into an 5V/1A charger head. Charging usually takes only one hour. The cube will play a short melody (musical sound) when fully charged.

In case you have re-stickered your cube, and the charging holes on the green/blue sides are covered, just remove the cover of the center pieces with your fingernails (or with a flat end of a small screwdriver), and attach the charger to the exposed metallic center parts. When the cube is fully charged, remove the charger, and push the center covers back gently.

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