Modified Xiaomi cubes

Me (Benke) and some of my friends around the world are offering modified Xiaomi cubes for sale. I only sell cubes for new customers, but my friends in the U.S.A., E.U. and Asia are selling these cubes to anyone who is interested. Please have a look at the bottom of this webpage to check the available sources and shipping rates.

Modifying the cubes

Basically we take the original Xiaomi cubes you can buy on Aliexpress or Banggood and modify them to look and sound more like a regular Rubik's cube. The whole process takes about an hour and requires precisity and patience. Of course you can save some bucks if you buy the original cubes online (with 3-4 weeks shipping time from China) and do the modification yourself. However, if you don't have the nerves to disassemble the cube in order to glue the magnets in, and/or you don't have the patience to remove and replace all 54 stickers one by one, it's definitely worth ordering the modified cubes directly from us. ;-)

Fixing the magnets inside

The Xiaomi cube (and Giiker cubes as well) has a clicking sound as you turn the sides, because the magnets inside are loose (they can move around a bit and hit the plastic, hence the weird sound). Spectators might find it unusual and they can suspect that the cube is a special one (and they are damn right). By fixing the magnets in the edge pieces using superglue we can eliminate this sound, making the cube sound like a regular one.

Re-stickering the cubes

We fully re-sticker each cube so they look more regular (the original Xiaomi colors are quite unusual). We use different sticker sets (Florian, Giiker, GAN and DaYan).

Brian Role' - Malta, Europe (reseller)

Brian Role' has been performing magic in Malta and across the world, on a professional basis, since 1997. He's been a CubeSmith user from the early days, and I'm glad he's joined the small group of modified Xiaomi cube resellers. He already has Florian Classic Dark and Full Bright stickers, but soon he also will offer cubes restickered with my special Benke Smith sticker set (from Olivér's). He sells the cubes for $55 like the others above, but his shipping rates might better fit customers from Europe.

Please visit his webpage to order the cubes:

For details please contact Brian on Facebook Messenger: https://m.me/brian.role

Tommy Ng - United States (reseller)

Tommy is a respected member of the CubeSmith users group. Currently he has a batch of modified cubes, with the magnets glued in and restickered with Florian Classic Dark stickers (please see the photos below). The price of his modified, restickered cube is $55, with $10-15 domestic shipping rate. So if you live in the U.S. then you can order some cubes from him.

For details please contact Tommy on Facebook Messenger: https://m.me/magiciantommy

Carl Forman - United States (reseller)

Carl is one of my youngest CubeSmith users, but he already proved himself a valuable member of the community (and also other magic groups). Currently he has several modified cubes (with magnets glued in) for sale. He offers Florian Full Bright and also Florian Classic Dark stickers (please see the photos below). The price of his modified, restickered cube is $55, with a quite affordable domestic shipping rate. So if you live in the U.S. then don't hesitate to order some cubes from him!

For details please contact Carl on Facebook Messenger: https://m.me/carl.forman.7927 or in email at [email protected]

Vinci Tang - Hong Kong (reseller)

Vinci is one hell of a speedcuber... he already had some amazing ideas to improve the CubeSmith experience. He volunteered to be a cube distributor in Asia. Currently he has several modified cubes (with magnets glued in) for sale. He offers Classic Dark stickers which have a slightly different shape as the Florian ones, but they look very nice (please see the photos below). The price of a modified, restickered cube is $55, but Vinci also offers an amazing version for $70: he buys a Giiker M3 cube, and he switches the pieces of the Xiaomi cube with the Giiker pieces (except the core and center pieces). Because the Giiker cube has glossy black pieces (opposed to the matte pieces of the Xiaomi cube), the end result looks better. Vinci will ship cubes to Asia only.

For details please contact Vinci on Facebook Messenger: https://m.me/forsaken.the

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