Setting up the prediction

Username and PIN setup

To use the prediction effect you must first choose a Username and a PIN. When you use the app for the first time, you can choose any username (that is not taken yet), and a PIN. In a later version you will be able to change your username and your PIN.

On the Settings page go to MAIN SETTINGS, then tap on the empty field near "Username". Enter any 3-15 characters (letters and numbers only!!!) for username. Choose your name wisely: you will use it in the default website URL, so there is a chance that spectators will see it! As for the PIN code, it can be any 4-6 digit number.

Once you entered Username and PIN code, tap on "Save and close". If the userid is not taken yet, you will get a message saying "Username and PIN registered.", otherwise you will see "Please enter correct PIN or choose another username!".

Remember your username and PIN code, you will need them if you delete and re-install the app on your device!

Opening the default website with the photo

After you have set your Userid and PIN, you can open your default personal prediction website, which will be:

cubing.rocks/userid  (your chosen Userid after the slash of course)

The photo of your cube will appear in the 3rd article, titled "The Rubik's Cube - fun facts and history". After the page loads, only the image will be updated... so you can open this webpage on the spectator's phone BEFORE you start your routine with the cube - but don't tell them which article to look at yet!

For your Username you can also choose numbers or any words (if they are not taken yet), for example "blog" or "latest", so you can tell your audience to open that URL (like cubing.rocks/blog). You can also use a large printed QR code which they can scan with their phones. Later I will add more stock photos to choose from.

Available prediction photos

I offer 3 different stock prediction photos, you can choose any of them. Above you see the first one, which is called "Rounded stickers".

You can also choose the one called "Square stickers":

or "Two cubes - 6 sides", where each of the cubes will match 3 sides of the mixed cube:

Using a personalized prediction photo

I offer an option to use customized photos (where you are holding the cube) as blog images, but this will cost extra money. The price of a custom photo (showing one cube) is 20 USD.

I'll need a high resolution photo of you holding the cube, in a way that 3 sides are clearly visible, and the cube has no shadows and reflections on it. The default prediction photo will be replaced by your custom photo, and will change automatically every time you perform the prediction routine.

Please follow this detailed guide if you want to make sure your prediction photo will be perfect:


Here are some samples for custom photos (click to open):

Using the photo on your own website

You can display the prediction photo on your own website as well.

HTML code for embedding the image (format with CSS stlye as you like):

<img id="prediction" style="width: 500px; max-width: 80%;" />

Javascript code for the automatic refresh (place it in the same HTML source code, after the <img> element):

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://cubing.press/prediction_script.php?uid=username"></script>

Of course replace "username" with your own username in CubeSmith, also you can change the image size by changing this part: "width:500px; max-width:80%;"

If you embed the image into your website, it should be automatically refreshed when the prediction gets generated... so you can open your website on the spectator's phone even BEFORE they mixed the cube.

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